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What does Channel Partner mean?

A channel partner is a third-party organization or individual that markets and sells products, services or technologies for a manufacturer or service provider via a partnering relationship.

Some FAQ About Channel Partner

This  FAQ Asked By Channel Partners Before
Joining MSOFT Pvt Ltd, Pune.


  1. Tell me about your company, history and vision for the


About Company :­

MSOFT is one of the 25 fastest growing IT services companies in India

as   per the   CEO Magazine.   MSOFT provides next   generation Cloud Products   and IT

Outsourcing Services for our international and domestic clients.


MSOFT is having the strong presence in the domestic and global market since

  1. In 2018, we stepped ahead in the business area of IT outsourcing deliver our services

to   international   clients. In 2014,   we have entered in   to the software cloud   product

development where we have targeted the Healthcare,Academic and Hospital Domains.


Our vision is to innovate next generation products and services from a concept to


  1. How much demand exists for your products?

Our team has been acquiring the requirements and problems from the mentioned domains

by visiting many Hospitals, Academic Institutes, Societies and Restaurants and successfully

launched   the real time   software products   such as AROGYAM, GP­OPD   (For Hospital

Management), AMS (For Academic Management), SMS (For Society Management), Aro­App

(For Patients Appointments), Bio­Connect (For Automatic Attendance), Digital Placards

(Digital Displays). And our products are successfully running across various clients in India.

All our solutions are scalable, flexible and cost effective. We have achieved remarkable

success in establishing our self as a leading IT Company in Pune, India.

  1. Who is the competition and why are you better?

MSOFT believes in delivering value based services and this is the main reason for the next

party to want to have our services and products. Even though there are many competitors

with the same domains and related software products but our products have been gaining

remarkable feedbacks & satisfactions from our existing clients. We are confident to have the

same from our future clients since we assure our clients the best quality software products

developed   with extremely   advanced & real­time   features, and with completely   new

technology. Also we provide life­time support for their maintenance.

  1. Tell me about your success in other markets with other distributors.

MSOFT has achieved the great height of success in these recent years because of the collaborations with different distributors. MSOFT has 19 Channel Partners, all in different

areas of regions in India. And successfully launched 7 products up til now.

  1. What is your long term Channel Strategy?

MSOFT   strategizes   to recruit as   much as channel  partners from various   regions in

upcoming future and believes in continuous growth. MSOFT welcomes to passionate

people who will have the integral part in achieving many more successful collaborations for

our products.

  1. What support will I receive?

We provide full technical support as well as marketing material as per our channel partner

criteria based on basic, silver, gold, platinum, and associate types that are mentioned in our

channel partner agreement. Also the training demos for the product overviews will be

provided by the company.

  1. What level of resources do you expect from me?

We expect our channel partner to be active throughout his/her agreement time span. Since

the partnership costs no charge, all the resulting expenditures while dealing and visiting the

clients will be managed by the channel partner himself/herself.

  1. What sales should I realistically expect in the next 12 months?

MSOFT recruits the person as a channel partner who will be wishing to work with passion,

activeness, honesty and integrity. MSOFT motivates the channel partner to bring as much

as client leads for the products from his/her area.

  1. Do you have a contract that I can review?

Yes, only after submitting your personal details with identity proof and address proof.

  1. What are the most important segments or applications I should target?

Our   products   are for Hospitals,   Clinics, Schools, Colleges,   Universities and Societies.

Therefore they will be our target after identifying their requirements of software product

for the respected management activities.

  1. I belong to another field, How will I be trained to sale your products?

The training demo will be provided by the company before you start your work. Also time

to time solutions will be provided by our team as you come to face any problem regarding

the products, clients, sales or marketing.

  1. The clients I visit already having another software, how to manage this situation?

In this case, the channel partner will have to try to convince them to have a demo for a

comparative analysis with their existing software product with ours.

  1. How will be your sales process?

The recruited channel partner will have to execute a separate sales process in his rigional

area, in which he/she will have to try to find the leads, visit or contact them, and close the

leads by their own. If channel partner finds any lead, they will have to first try to collect all

the   details   from them   and inform the   lead details to MSOFT   business development

department so that it will too be trying to deal with that client or party. MSOFT provides

complete support while dealing with the client or having their follow ups time to time.

MSOFT will provide solutions to your problems while negotiating, marketing, taking follow

ups, closing deals or collecting the payments. The responsible channel partner will have to

collect the payment from client party after closing the deals.

  1. What values do you provide in your sales process?

During the sales process of the MSOFT products we maintain the transparent interaction,

clearcut communication with the client/party, fast product status updates for the channel

partners to keep track of all the products that they will be introducing to the client/party.

MSOFT sales process is completely a team activity.

  1. What should we do to make our products & services leapfrog ahead and stand out

among the competitors’ products?

Our   products   are based   on the values   like honesty, quality,   authenticity, reliability,

integrity, confidentiality, relationships, support, trust, etc. Hence we will have to keep

trying to maintain these things constant for all of the times.

  1. How often do you want to be contacted by us? In what form (i.e, email or

telephone)? In what information are you most interested?

The follow ups will be taken by our team often before and after you inform us about the

lead. We are interested in all the information about the client or the next party such as

Name, Address, City, Contact no, Email Id,Postal Code,etc. The channel partner will also

have to recognise whether the next party you have visited or contacted with is interested in

purchasing our product by his/her side and then inform to the


  1. Why your channel partnership will be beneficial for us?

Our channel partnership does not cost any prefund by the channel partner. It is totally free.

And the commission for the channel partners will be from 15% to 60% dependent on the

total leads.

  1. I’m a previous partner, do I have to sign a new reseller agreement with MSOFT?

The  period   of the  CP agreement   is for 1 year.  During this period,   Company will be

observing your work as well as dedication towards it. After the termination, it will be

company’s decision for you to continue the partnership with you in future or not. The

recruited   channel partner   must be active throughout   his agreement period to be   the

continuous   channel partner   in the upcoming  years too. The CP   agreement will be

renewed then only.

  1. Which documents are required for CP program?

Details about whether the person is going to work as an individual or as an organization

/company/   firm, Their   details such as   Name of Company/ Person,   Trading Name if

different,   Company Registration/   Person, Address 1, Address   2, City, State/Province,

Country,   Phone, Fax,   Web, Administration   Contact (Name, Position,   Email, Phone),

Sales/Marketing Contact (Name, Position, Email, Phone), Company Registration Id, Pan

Card Details and Adhaar Card Details. Address Proof and Identity Proof i.e, Adhaar Card/

Pan Card/Driving License.  

  1. Is it Target Based?

It is not particularly a target based program for channel partners but we expect you to close

as much as client leads by your side. It will only create the enumeration.

  1. When will be the commission paid?

Partner commission will be given against only software license cost. It doesn’t include

Hardware, cloud data centre charges, project management, installation and commissioning.

Company will share license key with partner after receiving the 30% amount of purchase

order. In case of product consisting hardware, company will deliver the hardware after

100% cost is deposited to company. Commission will be paid on the immediate basis as

soon as the check will be cleared by the client side.

  1. Whom should I contact regarding questions about my commission?

You can contact to our finance department for any queries regarding commission.

Contacts & Address Details: partners@msoft.co.in

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